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The human species is perhaps the most valuable ”Keeper of Balance”         At time, Mother Nature herself has temper tantrums with extreme hot cold weather, floods, drought, and others. These extremes effectively throw the entire dynamic bio-sphere out of balance.


At 1st Choice Fertilizer, we believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium. Therefore, it is our goal to combine our scientific analysis with your practical knowledge and empower you as the“Keeper of Balance,” restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium, and optimize whatever you choose to grow 

Earth-Care Technology

Earth-Care Fertilizer promotes organic farming by introducing beneficial microbes and nutrients to the soil. Microbes help break down nutrients into a usable and easily absorbable form for plants. This results in proper nourishment, encouraging faster growth as well as reduces water consumption and weed growth. Our formulas keep microbes in a dormant state until they come into contact with water, This prevents the microbes from dying off before they have reached the area of application, Unlike laboratory cultures, our wild beneficial microbes enter the soil at a vigorous point in their life cycle which makes them capable of reproducing and thriving in the natural environment. In order to yield healthy plants, the quality of the soil must be suitable for plant growth. Unfortunately, some nutrients are missing or in short supply in some soil types. That’s why farmers and gardeners turn to Earth-Care fertilizer..

Water Saving Pellet

Water supply is significant in plant growth and food production. The ability of water to infiltrate the soil, water pressure, and irrigation size must all be considered for optimal results. The continual presence of water helps preserve the soil structure and nutrients as well as prevent disease and reduce the growth of weeds. Earth-Care Technology is a natural Water Saving pellets, designed from well formulated proprietary blend. This technology contains biodegradable ingredients, compressed into pallet shaped. Earth-Care technology is designed to absorb water during irrigation and to also channel water directly to the plant’s root. This channeling improves moisture and nutrient distribution which enhance plant health. The Usage of this technology reduces water by 30% Most importantly essential  nutrients must be present to allow plants to grow abundantly.

Billions Of Live Active Probiotics

The soil used in growing plants indoors requires a boost in terms of nutrients. Since the supply of natural nutrients for plants is limited in this situation, fertilizers can help. Make your houseplant or indoor farm thrive. Use fertilizers which address the needs of your plants and soil. Flower and Landscaping Maintaining a flower garden or landscape entails various types of plants. Every plant has different nutrient requirements and unique response to fertilizers. For optimal and greener results, opt to plan ahead and choose the right type of fertilizer for your soil and greens. Grow your favorite vegetables or flowers all year long. Make sure to have the appropriate materials for your nursery bed or greenhouse. Take time to understand the soil structure, nutrient level, irrigation process, and other ecological factors in planning to build your bed or garden under glass.

Earth Keepers

We’ve balanced soils in both the indoor and outdoor growing environments and have identified key differentiators and similarities in these two worlds. The main difference is the soil volume/weight associated with the plant. Indoor soil volume/weight (pots) is usually small making the indoor growing system small. Small systems have no momentum so the growing parameters can change very quickly as result of any perturbation. On the other hand, when growing outdoors (plants planted in the ground), the soil volume/weight is larger which creates a much larger momentum factor and this making the parameters are much slower to change. Therefore, it’s much easier to control an outdoor system than an indoor one. That’s why considerable input is required by man to control an indoor system. Never-the-less, whether indoor or outdoor, 1st Choice Fertilizer products will greatly reduce the amount of input by you and allow you to move toward an autonomous system with far less errors/mistakes. To assist in the control of either systems, indoor and/or outdoor laboratory analysis will greatly help in identifying the whether the parameters have fallen out-of- the target ranges. Target data of the parameters allow a holistic approach for trouble shooting issue.

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