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                <h3>Save Big, Bounce Back!</h3> <h2><strong><img src="" alt="" width="300" height="225" /></strong></h2>You are at the heart of everything we do. As we continue to monitor the latest developments on COVID-19 we want to make sure you are informed of our latest services.


1st Choice Fertilizer, Inc


Thanks for your interest in 1st Choice Fertilizer! We believe a healthier future begins with how we take care of our planet. That’s why 1st Choice Fertilizer products help you to bring nature back to your garden, lawn and farm. Have a question or a comment? Please share! Together, we can grow a sustainable thriving world.

Apply to resell (only) 

Enjoy a tax exemption of 9.75% sales tax, usually applied to all orders.

Order 1- 10 tons and get it for only $1200/Ton.

Speak with a sales representative for delivery options.
Referral Program

Referral Program

Earn a $200 Visa or Amazon Reward Card or up to $300 credit when you reffer us to your Network. 

Becoming a Referral Partner is easy. Refer your friends to 1st Choice Fertilizer and earn a $200 Visa or Amazon gift card by following these steps:

  1. Fill out the Referral Form. ( referral form link)
  2. Notify your contact that they are being referred.
  3. We will contact your referral within 48 hours or on the date designated on the referral form.
  • INDIVIDUAL promotion: Get $200 Visa or Amazon Reward Card when your referral purchases a minimum of 1 Ton of fertilizer from 1st Choice Fertilizer. 
  • BUSINESS promotion: Get $300 credit per account when your referral establishes a business account and purchases a minimum of 1 Ton of fertilizer from 1st Choice Fertilizer. 

If your referral is not immediately on-boarded, you’ll get updates for the first 3 months until your referral purchases our product. To qualify for this promotion your referral must purchase a minimum of 1 ton in purchase from 1st Choice Fertilizer

Submit your referral using the form above. 

Read This Before Sending Referrals

Our referral program is intended to reward the time you spend helping your network get in touch with 1st Choice Fertilizer. It’s very important to us that we do not become an annoyance factor for the business we call. Therefore, make sure you contact your referral and explicitly let him/her know they will receive a call from us.

It is also important that only individuals who actually know who we are and what we can offer will refer other businesses to us.

Referral Partner Communication

We will notify you once your referral purchases our product and promptly issue your gift card. and also be used as credit towards next purchase.


Contact Us For More Information

You’re welcome to reach us at and  Or 1-800-504-5699 if you have any questions about our Referral Program.