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Eco-Friendly Choose our eco-friendly alternative fertilizer to grow your plants. 1st Choice Fertilizer’s farm, lawn, and garden fertilizer is an all natural and sustainable product which means its good for plants, people, and the planet. 1st Choice Fertilizer product contains billions of active beneficial natural occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa that play a crucial role in plant productivity and overall plant health. Our mycorrhizae fungi and nitrogen-fixing bacteria aid in the formation of a symbiotic relationship within the ecosystem.

Water Conserving Pellets

Earth-Care Solution Hand crafted water conserving pellets designed to conserve irrigation water and keep the soil moist. Earth-Care Solution is natural water saving pellets, designed from a well formulated proprietary blend. Earth-Care technology is proven to reduce water usage up to 30%. This technology contains biodegradable ingredients, compressed into a pellet shape. Earth-Care technology is designed to absorb water during irrigation and to also channel water directly to the plant roots. This channeling improves moisture and nutrient distribution which enhances plant health.

Beneficial Probiotics

Earth-Care TECHNOLOGY™ Earth-Care Organic Fertilizer ™ is an all-natural dry formula fertilizer crafted with several beneficial microbial probiotics that help break down soil nutrients into usable food for plants. Earth-Care beneficial microbes make it possible for nutrients to be more easily absorbed by plants. At 1st Choice Fertilizer, Inc., we believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium. Therefore, it is our goal to combine our scientific analysis with your practical knowledge and empower you as the “Keeper of Balance,” restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium, and optimizing whatever you choose to grow.

Our marketing philosophy is simple: Our products are good for you and for the environment.

Use of product minimizes the need for pesticides and eliminates  other chemical fertilizer run-offs issues.

Unleash the power of Earth-Care, Make microbes work for you, And rejuvenate soil fertility.

Control of root knots/ root eating nematodes and enable full genetic expression of varietals.

Why You’ll Love Us

Buy Direct: We sell direct. No middle men, no margins, no hidden fees. We offer a proven quality product at a great price. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. We welcome the opportunity to engage with you. Support a business that cares about you and the environment we live in!

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