Separates Us From others



High-End Organic Fertilizer at a low affordable price

Our greatest strength is our ability to offer the highest rated organic fertilizer in all class at a price that is lower than our direct competitors. On average, our direct competitors are charging 45% more overall, regardless of the variation or packaging size.


More Features within our Category of Fertilizer

We have the highest classification of organic fertilizer Within categories, we offer even more features, such as microbial

bacteria’s, higher ratio of fungi, and protozoa. These additional features provide even greater support to the plants root system, and unsurpassed delivery of nutrients.

We offer a combination of crafted symbiotic microbes instead of toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and helps avoids the presence of harmful chemicals and metals in your soil rendering it ideal for regeneration and reuse.  Regardless of what you choose to grow,  it is this mature microbe and nutrient rich soil that provides the optimum.   

The Theoretical Basics of our technology is well-founded on www.soilfoodweb.com