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Several research has shown soils with rich microbial communities performs better and do not require the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  The more mature your microbial community the better your plants immune and nutrient transport system will perform.  So, as your soil ages, year after year, the better your soil fertility will be. The better the plant immune system and nutrient transport system, the better the plant flowering, flavor, smell, color and yield output.

We advise customers to begin their soil with Earth-Careganics™ products balance in chemical, physical, microbial and high energy parameters. With a better nutrient transport system, stronger and a more fortified immune system, your plants will be more capable of handling the human intervention of pushing the plant to accelerate it at various stages without crashing it’s immune system or poisoning the plant with extreme levels of phosphorus and/or other toxic substances.

High-End Organic Fertilizer at a low affordable price

Our greatest strength is our ability to offer the highest rated organic fertilizer in all class at a price that is lower than our direct competitors. On average, our direct competitors are charging 45% more overall, regardless of the variation or packaging size.


More Features within our Category of Fertilizer

We have the highest classification of organic fertilizer Within categories, we offer even more features, such as microbial

bacteria’s, higher ratio of fungi, and protozoa. These additional features provide even greater support to the plants root system, and unsurpassed delivery of nutrients.

Earth-Careganics™ provides an all-in-one solution for everyday growers and the commercial farmers. The handcrafted natural blend is designed to enhance the biodiversity of the soil ecosystem and to also empower the root system.

Earth-Careganics™ uses no chemicals whatsoever and uses all natural ingredients including Alfalfa Meal, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Feather Meal, Emulsion, Kelp Meal and other natural ingredients.