Why Go
1st Choice Fertilizer?

Why Go 1st Choice Fertilizer?

At 1st Choice Fertilizer, Inc. we believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium. Therefore, it is our goal to combine our Scientific Analysis with your Practical Knowledge and empower you as the, “Keeper of Balance,”




restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium and optimizing whatever you choose to grow. The compelling force of Mother Nature  causes an unevenness in the soil through debasement, draining, disintegration, vanishing, and the like. These elements must be addressed to create balance in the soil that will prove fruitful in the cultivating or farming industries.

Our Earth-Care Technology is an important factor in soil prescription. When Earth-Care Technology is applied to the soil, it aids the soil against pests, debasement, draining, disintegration, vanishing, and other sources of destruction. NKP chemical fertilizers are great but they don’t have the same capacity as that of organic fertilizers.  Earth-Care heals the soil and fortifies it against the various stressors—thereby helping it to perform.

Earth-Care fertilizer generates a more productive soil which delivers more plant nutrients for vitality. 

Does your soil need balance? Does your soil need relief? Are you hoping to have a great yield this year? Then please try one of our products! 1st Choice Fertilizer will help balance your soil and help you to create healthier crops and plants.
The Theoretical Basics of our technology is well-founded on www.soilfoodweb.com and have specific references, such as Field and Laboratory Data, which are available upon request.