Over a decade of research and testing, we developed a unique plant fertilizer which suppresses disease, pests, and weeds. From this one innovation, we branched out to offer a wide-selection of products, under our Earth-Care banner, all of which work exclusively within a supported ecological model to grow plants as nature intended – with minimal intervention.

1st Choice Fertilizer


1st Choice fertilizer technology is modeled on the well-established work of Elaine Ingham, a microbiologist at Oregon State University, who identified a “food web” ecosystem. In a natural food web, plants rely on indigenous microorganisms and food cycling systems.

Our flagship product, Earth-Care Plus 5-6-6, is a natural, organic fertilizer which is crafted with several species of probiotics. These beneficial organisms help to keep plants safe and healthy by maintaining a balanced and vibrant soil ecosystem. The beneficial microbes in Earth-Care Plus 5-6-6 enter the soil to assist with nutrient breakdown, allowing nutrients to be more easily absorbed by plants.


1st Choice Fertilizer, Inc. was founded on the principle of providing commercial and residential customers with safe and effective fertilizer options. Our products can be used as an alternative, and/or a beneficial addition to, genetic engineering, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. In all that we do as a company, we promote the concept of ecosystem balance and a deep conviction that our products should have a beneficial ecological and environmental impact.

Our formulas keep microbes in a dormant state until applied. When the microbes come into contact with water they become active. This prevents the microbes from dying off before they have reached the area of application. Unlike laboratory cultures, our wild microbes enter the soil at a peak point in their life cycle which makes them capable of reproducing and thriving in the natural environment.






Our Marketing Philosophy Strategy is simple.

Our products are good for you and the environment. We offer a method of growing plants which minimizes the use of pesticides and eliminates nitrate, phosphate and other possible chemical fertilizer run-offs and unleash the power of Earth-Care: Make microbes work for you, to rejuvenate the soil’s fertility.






Our Core
Unique soil amendment and maintains the soil food web.

Hand crafted water conserving pellets designed to conserve irrigation water and keep the soil moist.

Use of micro-organism in positive way to supply nutrients and nourish plant. Inoculant: Promotes beneficial micro- organisms.

Allows manipulation of the biology, chemistry and physical nature of soil.