At 1st Choice Fertilizer, Inc. we believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium. Therefore, it is our goal to combine our Scientific Analysis with your Practical Knowledge and empower you as the, “Keeper of Balance,” restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium and optimizing whatever you choose to grow. The compelling force of Mother Nature  causes unevenness in the soil through debasement, draining, disintegration, vanishing, and the like. These elements must be addressed to create balance in the soil that will prove fruitful in the cultivating or farming industries.

Why Go!


Several research has shown soils with rich microbial communities performs better and do not require the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  The more mature your microbial community the better your plants immune and nutrient transport system will perform.  So, as your soil ages, year after year, the better your soil fertility will be. The better the plant immune system and nutrient transport system, the better the plant flowering, flavor, smell, color and yield output.

We advise customers to begin their soil with Earth-Care Fertilizer, a product balance in chemical, physical , microbial  and high energy parameters. With a better nutrient transport system and a stronger more fortified immune system , your plants will be more capable of handling the human intervention of pushing the plant to accelerate it at various stages without crashing it’s immune system or poisoning the plant with extreme levels of phosphorus and/or other toxic substances.


We offer a combination of crafted symbiotic microbes instead of toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and helps avoids the presence of harmful chemicals and metals in your soil rendering it ideal for regeneration and reuse.  Regardless of what you choose to grow,  it is this mature microbe and nutrient rich soil that provides the optimum. The Theoretical Basics of our technology is well-founded on and have specific references, such as Field and Laboratory Data, which are available upon request.







Our Marketing Philosophy Strategy is simple.

Our products are good for you and the environment. We offer a method of growing plants which minimizes the use of pesticides and eliminates nitrate, phosphate and other possible chemical fertilizer run-offs and unleash the power of Earth-Care: Make microbes work for you, to rejuvenate the soil’s fertility.



Benefits of
Earth-Care Technology
Higher yield.

Bigger root mass and promotes better plant performance.

More healthier produce.

water absorbing pellets designed to conserve irrigation water.

Safer option of organic fertilizer.

Improves plant access to water, nutrients and keeps the soil moist.