♻️ Sustainable Packaging Solution

We offer better packaging options to protect our environment, We partnered with the industry group dedicated to sustainable packaging.

How2Recycle Program

1st Choice Fertilizer products comes with a sustainable packaging. This distinct packaging pays homage to 1st Choice Fertilizer's legacy of craftsmanship and commitment to reducing environmental impact.

We Provide Our Customers with Customized, Eco-friendly Packaging option.
Our packaging is made from 100% Polyethylene (PE) and is compliant with the How2Recycle® Drop-off program.

We offer better options to protect our environment through the industry group dedicated to packaging sustainability SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING COALITION.

Message from CEO Bright Omoruyi: The story of 1st Choice Fertilizer is a journey across continents inspired by the Earth. At 1st Choice Fertilizer, We believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium.  The human species is perhaps the most valuable ”Keeper of Balance”. I and my team are dedicated to organic farming and We see the connections between food, people and planet and the importance of partnering with a sustainability partner like How2Recycle® Drop-off program to helps save our ocean, reduce greenhouse gas emission and creating a healthy future for all.