How To Fix Hydrophobic Soil

Wetting Agents Wetting agents are a great quick fix but will not resolve the issue long term. Wetting agents work by breaking down waxy coatings as well as breaking the surface tension in the water making it easier to penetrate the soil. Commercial wetting agents are available at garden centres, or you can make oneContinue reading “How To Fix Hydrophobic Soil”

Lawn & Garden Plant Food

Earth-Care technology provides an all-in-one solution for everyday growers and the commercial farmers. The handcrafted natural blend is designed to enhance the biodiversity of the soil ecosystem and to also empower the root system. Earth-Care technology uses no chemicals whatsoever and uses all natural ingredients including Alfalfa Meal, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Feather Meal, Emulsion,Continue reading “Lawn & Garden Plant Food”

Natural Organic Fertilizer

1st Choice Fertilizer Inc announced that their new All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer is now available for those looking for a natural, safe and organic way to keep their plants healthy. 1st Choice Fertilizer Inc, a company promoting products that have an ecological and environmental impact, announced the launch of their new All Purpose NaturalContinue reading “Natural Organic Fertilizer”

Best organic fertilizer

1st Choice Fertilizer in San Leandro, California, has launched a new lawn fertilizer for gardeners and farmers. It helps to ensure optimal yield and improve plant health. A new lawn fertilizer product has been launched by the team at 1st Choice Fertilizer in San Leandro, California. 1st Choice Fertilizer explains that their focus is onContinue reading “Best organic fertilizer”

Our Bio-Solution to Global warming

THE PROBLEMA gradual rise of the Earth’s temperature has been generally accepted. The cause of this effect is the gradual increase of the greenhouse gases with carbon dioxide being the biggest problem. As the world becomes more industrialized and as the population exponentially increases, the need for energy is ever increasing. The major source ofContinue reading “Our Bio-Solution to Global warming”

Ask a Master Gardener: Don’t use Epsom salt on tomato plants

  Q: I have read that you should fertilize tomato plants with Epsom salt. When should you add it, and how much should you add? A: We don’t generally recommend using Epsom salt in the garden. Epsom salt can provide magnesium and sulfur, but there’s no need to add these elements unless you’ve had a soil testContinue reading “Ask a Master Gardener: Don’t use Epsom salt on tomato plants”

Improves Soil Quality

A lush, green lawn can vastly improve a home’s curb appeal. Thick, healthy grass indicates that homeowners care enough about their properties to invest the time, effort and money to make them beautiful. According to 1st Choice Fertilizer a company that produces organic fertilizer for the landscaping and farming industry, soil fertility is the foundation ofContinue reading “Improves Soil Quality”