Man In An Agricultural Field


Over the last decade, of research, testing and technical expertise 1st Choice Fertilizer, Inc. has developed programs and supporting products, which exclusively work within a technically correct ecological model to grow plants very near to how nature would have intended.


With years of research, testing, and technical expertise, we have developed unique plant and disease/pest/weed suppressor fertilizers. We market our products as a method of growing plants that will minimize the use of pesticides and eliminate nitrate, phosphate and other possible chemical fertilizer run-offs, as well as rejuvenate the soil fertility.


We offer dry formula fertilizers that create a complex microbial mixture that produces all-natural and extremely effective products. Most importantly, wild beneficial microbes enter the soil to assist with a nutrient breakdown, making it possible for nutrients to be more easily absorbed by plants. Our formulas keep microbes in a dormant state until they come into contact with water. This prevents the microbes from dying off before they have reached the area of application. Unlike laboratory cultures, our wild beneficial microbes enter the soil at a vigorous point in their life cycle which makes themcapable of reproducing and thriving in the natural environment.