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1st Choice Fertilizer in San Leandro, California, has launched a new lawn fertilizer for gardeners and farmers. It helps to ensure optimal yield and improve plant health.

San Leandro, United States – December 29, 2020 / Press Release

A new lawn fertilizer product has been launched by the team at 1st Choice Fertilizer in San Leandro, California. 1st Choice Fertilizer explains that their focus is on making gardening and lawn maintenance easier by providing the soil with all the elements it needs for healthy plant growth.

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The newly launched fertilizer product is part of the company’s commitment to high quality service. Lawn and shrub maintenance is made easier thanks to the beneficial microbes that help to break down nutrients into a more useable form for plants.

Using fertilizers is one of the key elements in keeping a lawn or shrub healthier and looking more lush. This is along with ensuring that the greens are watered appropriately and the soil condition is conducive to naturally resistant disease, drought and weeds.

Customers are also able to adjust their soil or gardening habits to promote the natural process of plant growth and soil preservation.

1st Choice Fertilizer has put years of research, testing and technical expertise into the development of their product range. Their products work exclusively within a supported ecological model to grow plants in a more natural and efficient way, with minimal intervention.

Their Earth-Care Organic Fertilizer has been created with several species of beneficial probiotics that ensure plants stay safer and healthier for longer. The goal is to create and maintain a balanced and vibrant eco-system.

The newly launched fertilizer has a unique formula that keeps the microbes in a dormant state until they come into contact with water. This prevents them from dying off before they reach the area of application.

Farmers, gardeners and growers know that in some soil types, nutrients are often missing. It’s for this reason that they rely on quality fertilizers.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Earth-Care Organic Fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer, crafted with several species of beneficial probiotics that help to keep plants safe and healthy by maintaining a balanced and a vibrant soil eco-system.”

Fertilizer plays an important role in the development of quality food and can help to protect the immune system. The product is available in Home Depot, Walmart and TrueValue.

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