Pittsburgh Department Of Public Works Plans To Use Sustainable Landscaping In City Parks

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – On Tuesday, the Department of Public Works released a new plan that will see seven city parks maintained under a green/ecolandscaping contract.

These contracts will provide organic and/or natural landscaping without the usage of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, and will be in line with the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works landscaping operations.

Environmentally sustainable practices will include weed removal done manually or through the usage of grazing goats, Penn State Agricultural Extension will also collect soil to determine pH and nutrient levels, weed prevention will be done through tarping, landscape fabric, planting vegetation, or by newspaper and/or cardboard barriers.

The parks that will be part of the sustainable landscaping will include Allegheny Landing Park, Allegheny Riverfront Park, Convention Center Park, Mellon Square Park, Schenley Park-Panther Hollow Field, Schenley Park-Schenley Plaza, and Southside Park-Quarry Field.

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