Why Choose 1st Choice Lawn and Garden Fertilizing?

Our products are natural, they’re good for you, your plant and the Earth.  Buy Direct – No middle man, No hidden fees, A better quality and a good price. Our product has natural occurring microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and mycorrhizae. Our product is made with biodegradable ingredients, compressed into pellets shape that absorb water during irrigation and channel water directly to plants root and improves moisture and distribution of nutrients.

Our Values

Our products are eco-friendly and environmentally safer option for kids playground, parks and recreation facilities.

User health and safety is our number 1 priority.

Our product helps you to save on water.

Our product does not smell.

Our product restore your soil.

Our Product Advantage

Inoculant: Promotes beneficial micro-organisms.

Allows manipulation of both soil biology and chemistry.

Earth-Care “use of micro-organism in positive way”

The soil food-web maintains the soil.

Supplies plant nutrients.

Protect and nourishes plant.



Visit us at 1stchoicefertilizer.com



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