Best Farm, Lawn and Garden Fertilizer

Our formula is a slow-release Fertilizer crafted with disease/pest/weed suppressor . Earth-Care Plus 5-6-6 is designed with several microbial mixture to produce all-natural and effective products. Most importantly, wild beneficial microbes enter the soil to assist with nutrients that will last a long time on your lawn and soil. Earth-Care Plus 5-6-6 is a complete solution for farm, lawn and garden

There are things you can do to enhance your plant health, and using Our all purpose Earth-Care 5-6-6 organic fertilizer will certainly give your plant all the nourishment required to grow.

You can use Earth-Care Plus 5-6-6 for plants around the house and also in pots or garden greenery. You can spread Earth-Care Organic Fertilizer on your lawn and plants to keep them healthy and help build plant immune system against pathogens.



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