To Valued Customers and Associates:

1st Choice Fertilizer Inc, will maintain full services on our website during this period of mandatory shutdowns. We are deemed an essential provider of services to garden owners , landscaping and farm industry. For this reason, our warehousing and shipping operations will continue providing services to all customers.

Rest assured that all staff have been trained in appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures. And they fully intend on respecting all customer needs and requests.

In 1st Choice Fertilizer, We believe a healthier future begins with how we take care of our planet. That’s why 1st Choice Fertilizer products help you to bring natural back to your garden, lawn and farm. Have a question or a comment? Please share! Together, we can grow a sustainable thriving world.

Please refer to for further updates.

We recognize these are extraordinary times. And we fully intend on supporting all customers through-out the duration of the crisis.



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1st Choice Team.